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pasture to plate perfection.


All Natural
Corn Fed Beef

Apple Brandy Beef derives from cowherds consisting of Hereford and Angus cattle. For generations our family has selected specific genetics in an effort to produce a superior cow herd. The beef available for purchase is the product of these prestigious cow herds. We know the pedigree and complete history, including exact age, of each animal that goes into our beef program. Cattle graze on lush green pastures until their period of finishing on locally grown grain. After processing beef is dry aged for a minimum of 14 days. This process intensifies the flavor and creates unmatched tenderness. On our farms we do NOT use synthetic hormones or antibiotics.

Where your food
comes from


Apple Brandy Beef is raised on our third generation family farms in the foothills of western North Carolina. The same foothills made famous by moonshiners and bootleggers since the years of prohibition. The majority of the year our cattle can be found on one of our family's farms in the foothills of Wilkes County. During the summer months when temperatures begin to rise, our cattle are moved to lush pastures along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The cattle love the cool mountain air and the native blue grass pastures. If you have traveled the parkway near Doughton Park you may have seen them in one of the several pastures outlined by the Parkway's signature split rail fences.

Why Local
Beef Matters 


I am a 3rd generation cattle farmer and some of pastures where our cows are born, bred, and raised have been in my family since 1877. These pastures have been created with specific attention given to providing the animals with the natural shelter they instinctively seek for protections from the elements. During the short, 120 day, finishing period prior to harvest the animals are fed a balanced diet of roughages and forage containing locally grown corn, corn silage, corn byproducts. Every bite they take is a completely balanced diet. They have 24 hour access to the elements outside, covered and bedded shelter, fresh water, and their feed ration. Our USDA inspected processing facility is a short 4 miles down the road from our farm and is owned and operated by the same family who processed my grandfather's cows. Our cows are raised humanely and this results in a high quality product that we can be proud of. 

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